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Tom Conley

About Hudson and Broad

About HB

About HB

About Us

with over 30 years experience in the retail sector, HB offers leading innovation and original concepts in fixture design for retail presentations and merchandise branding solutions. in addition to our product lines offered on the HB website, we also work with our customers to design solutions for custom projects and installations.

with our factory locations both domestically and in Asia we can quickly react to our customers request while regarding time and cost restrictions to fulfill their requirements. HB has manufacturing capabilities in a wide variety of materials including steel, wood, acrylics and aluminum and our goal is to make customer satisfaction paramount to our success.


our products listed on the HB website provide many unique solutions to your retail environment. our solutions extend across many high quality ranges that include; battery, ceiling, floor, light, pol, sign, and we can guarantee that our products are of the highest quality. please contact John DeWees, co-founder, for further information on any of the products on the website, he will be more than happy to help,